Better Prepared

Last night we got the news that Home-based learning will happen. This news, as part of the tighter Covid measures (some called it CB 1.5) rolled out recently, brings back a mixed bag of feelings from the CB in 2020.

Our lives are affected for sure. My heart goes out to many whose businesses and livelihood are affected because of this.

However I see some silver lining amidst all the uncertainties.

1) We know how bad things can be in a full lockdown. We survived it, didn’t we?

2) We know that we are doing this to deal with Covid decisively and effectively. Better than half-hearted measures, if you ask me.

3) Many of us are vaccinated. While vaccination is not a 100% protection against getting infected, getting vaccinated is way better than not getting one. It makes us more resilient as a community, compared to CB 2020.

4) Most of us have probably stocked up enough on the gadgets and equipments, and skills like cooking skills, coping skills compared to a year ago. The panic hoarding seems to be lesser in my neighborhood.Hope this brings some calm and peace to you.

Stay safe everyone!

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