Quick Migration Guide To Online Tutoring

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Q: What online tutoring do I use? 

A: ClassDo

Q: What is ClassDo?

ClassDo Corporate Video

Q: How is ClassDo different from Zoom?

8 Reasons People Use ClassDo

Q: How does your online tutoring look like?

Q: Are you credible?

Jason’s CNA Interview

Jason’s Ch8 Interview

Q: Where do I get started with ClassDo?

ClassDo has a comprehensive self help site, which I strongly suggest that you spend time to go through. If you have any further questions after going through this, feel free to ask for help.


Q: How much do I have to pay for ClassDo?


Q: What are the challenges of Online Tutoring?

While I do not encounter 100% of the challenges highlighted in this article, you can get an idea of the challenges of Online Tutoring.


Q: How do I set and mark homework for my students?

This is the workflow I use for my online students.


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