More than just a teacher

If you make any teaching videos, chances are that you are thinking hard about how to make your videos stand out.

Maybe you are adding lots of impressive special effects, or maybe you are honing your videos to be clearer and more engaging.

Keep doing that. You’re doing good work and building your asset.

Still, it may be difficult to stand out.

I have a suggestion: Don’t just be known as a brilliant tutor. Be known as a _ X _______teacher. Fill in the blank with something you’re passionate about.

If you are a Corgi lover who teaches Geography, be known as a Corgi Lover X Geography teacher.

If you are an environmentalist who teaches English, be known as a Environmentalist X English teacher.

Share about your passion alongside your teaching videos. Talk about your passion in your teaching video.

Make videos of you engaging in your passion, and talk about what you teach in your passion videos.

You’ll be so much easier to remember, than just another brilliant teacher. And I mean no offence.

You will attract parents / clients / students who shares your passion. And they will have even more reason to share about you, on top of how good you are as a teacher.

You may even become newsworthy. Never mind that the media interview you about your passion. We buy from people we trust. We buy from people we like.

If you feel like sharing, please leave a comment on your unique identity:

I am passionate about _ and I teach _.

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