How can Maths be kinder?

Maths doesn’t have to be harsh, with scary looking notations and formulas.

Learning maths doesn’t have to be a painful, do or die process. It can be enjoyable.

Maths can be approachable.

Maths teachers don’t have to be the strict and no nonsense drill sergeant who only focus on what you get WRONG.

They can be the most encouraging, kind and fun person, who show by example how to turn something dry into something fun.

Learning maths can be a process of discovering patterns, inventing different ways to tackle a problem, and finding satisfaction in it.

It doesn’t have to leave some learners with a taste of defeat in their mouths that lingers for years, that have them lamenting, “I’m just not a Maths person.”

Maths material can be kinder too, by considering different learners’ preference and strengths, not forcing everyone to learn from the same process.

Learners can be kinder to themselves, by recognizing small wins, spaced repetition, building a habit to do maths daily, etc.

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