Waves of Enrolment

I once wrote an article (https://futurereadytutors.com/2019/06/04/a-year-as-a-freelance-tutor/) about the seasons in a year for a freelance tutor.

This is an expansion about the enrolment cycle for freelance tutors. To a certain extent it might be applicable to tuition centre owners too.

As you read this, I hope you will gain an overview of when parents will look for tutors for their children, and the reason behind it. Understanding the reason behind each wave of enrolment allows you to write more targeted and persuasive message to pitch to parents.

I have also included some suggestions for you to focus your marketing messages.

Here it goes:

Wave #1: End October, the previous year

Reason: Children received disappointing EOY results. Parents know that intervention is necessary, so they either want to secure good tutors and start intensive revision during the holidays, or start in January next year

Suggested focus for marketing message: -sell holiday revision program to fill in knowledge gap

-showcasing your students’ EOY results

-encourage parents to fill in a waitlist with a small deposit of maybe $5-10

Wave #2: Mid to Late-December the previous year

Reason: School is starting soon again. Those who know that their children definitely need tuition, will start asking around for good tutors.

Also, at about the third week of December, secondary school posting will be out, once parents know where their children are posted to, they will start looking for tutors.

Suggested focus for marketing message: -show testimonials

-highlight how many seats you have left

-give early bird offers if they sign up before January

Wave #3: Early March (about Week 9-10 of Term 1)

Reason: Parents received their children’s WA1 results. Intervention is required.

Suggested focus of marketing message: 

-show testimonials

-early intervention is more effective and more enjoyable than last minute cramming

-don’t wait till it’s too late

Wave #4: (about Week 9-10 of Term 2)

Reason: Parents receive their children’s Mid-year (WA2) results

Suggested focus of marketing message:

-review the first half of the year

-catching up and fill in knowledge gaps

-holiday revision program

-make good use of the June holidays instead of playing mobile games at home

Wave #5: (about Week 9-10 of Term 3)

Reason: Parents received their children’s WA3 results.

Suggested focus of marketing message:

-show testimonials

-intensive revision program

-last dash before EOY

-it’s still not too late. With expert guidance from you, it is possible for a turnaround

Rinse and repeat 🙂 

As you can see, not all enrolment comes in January. So if your roster is not filled up yet, there is no need to panic. There are more windows of opportunity for enrolment.

Hope this helps you to ideate, plan and execute your marketing activities. All the best for a purposeful and meaningful year! 


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