My TikTok Adventure

I have a TikTok account There are more than 100 posts on it, in which I talk about my thoughts and experience of the tuition industry.

How I started was just to experiment on how I can reach out to a different group of the audience – tutors who prefer to watch me talk than to read my writings. I must admit that it felt a bit scarier posting on TikTok than on FB, because on FB I’m more or less writing to people I know, while on TikTok, it was a whole new world altogether, and I have no idea who will watch my videos and how they will react.

Writing and recording myself talking for under 3 minutes require different skill sets, but more or less the same source, which is what is in my head. Recording myself felt unnatural at first – I couldn’t stand how I sounded and looked – but after a while, I just focused on brainstorming the content, and these worries bugged me no more.

One benefit of recording myself regularly is gaining the confidence to appear in front of the camera. With 5G / 6G, Web 3.0, and Metaverse coming our way, videos are becoming increasingly ubiquitous as a media for communication. I feel that I’m training myself to be confident to appear on camera to record a promotional video or a lesson.

One thing I’m glad that I did, was to record myself walking and talking, instead of singing and dancing. I am not a funny guy and I cannot sing or dance to save my life. So I thought, why not just use TikTok to record short sharing of ideas, like how I’d share my ideas if I’m going on a morning walk with a fellow tutor? That format felt quite effortless to me, and it fits my schedule, so I was able to keep at it. It’s true that every change requires effort and stepping out of our comfort zone, but finding a way that felt more natural for us, allows us to keep doing it.

I’d encourage other educators to use TikTok to start recording their thoughts, experiences, messages, and even simple tips to their students or other audience.

Thanks to Imran Tahir for convincing me to start recording my first TikTok video. I’m still looking to him ( for inspiration to keep going.

Thanks to Han Kok Kwang ( for running the 5 Days NJNS Challenge. It got me to record daily live videos even when I was on a trip overseas.


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