My Take On Social Media

One thing I learnt about social media, is that it is a media, like newspaper, or TV commercial.

Every business likes to advertise their products in the best way possible, isn’t it? Who would advertise about product defects, returned goods, dissatisfied customers, partners’ quarrels? Yet these happen all the time in every business. We just don’t talk about it. We want to control people’s perceptions of us. By putting our “best foot forward”.

The same with individuals. I put up nice photos of having coffee chat with people, of attending training, of happy family outings, etc. These are my best moments.

You don’t see me putting up videos of me screaming at my kids. Yelling at my wife. Venting my anger by hitting the wall. Yet these happened.

Even when I put up confessional posts about how terrible I was, I tend to position myself so that it is easy to sympathize with me. Subtly I made my bad behavior likeable.

Social media is a media. Don’t take everything you see about me at face value.

The Lord willing, I hope we have a chance to meet and have a chat. That is a much better, yet far from perfect, way to know me.


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