Encouragement To A Friend Who Feels Stuck In Career


Dear XXX,

You have always been very competent in all that you do. Everyone who works with you agree with that.

At this point in your career, you want greater opportunities. Higher pay, bigger titles, to develop your talents, and all that.

You feel quite helpless. You don’t know who to turn to. Your circle is but your office colleagues, your family, maybe a few close friends which includes me.

You don’t want to let your colleagues know you’re planning a move. Your family and close friends can’t help much. A few of your friends are, in fact, facing the same predicament.

People outside your team, who have worked with you briefly, know you’re capable. But they don’t know you as a person. There is no relationship.

You have mostly kept your work as work, that is your ethics. So very few know you well enough as a person to recommend you. They don’t have a chance to like you, in the strictly business interactions you had with them.

You are advised (by professionals) to condense your entire career into a TWO PAGE resume. How much can someone know about you in two A4 sized pages? It is not designed to communicate your values, your dedication, your insights, and the little magic you bring to your work.

Time to put yourself out there and network, my friend.

Networking is not only for bosses and salespeople. At this time and age, it is for everyone who is serious about his career development.

Why not start by beefing up your LinkedIn profile? There is no word limit there.

Go attend some talks, join a short class, who knows whom you might meet there? If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even write a few posts on LinkedIn or FB to talk about what you do.

Put yourself out there, my friend. I have great faith that you can achieve, and deserve, much more.

Love and respect,


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