3 Actionable Tips To Fill Up Your Student Enrolment For 2022

We are entering June in a few days. Weight assessment (WA2) is just over. Your students have reported good or not so good news about it.

You may have retained all your students but still have a few vacancies in your weekly slots. Or your may have lost a few because they are dissatisfied with how they did. Whatever the cause may be, it means that as a business, you need to get more enrolment for 2022.

These are three highly actionable ideas to help you get these enrolment. They do not need you to plan for three weeks, or advertise on FB. They are just a few taps or clicks away.

However I do have reservations on the number of enrolment you can expect. Anything from one to twenty is possible. Anything beyond, you may need other tools like advertising.

Here it goes:

Idea #1: Highlight your achievement

Collate up to 5 testimonials / results from your best students, and share on social media.

This is an example: https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSdvzG0Xhj…/viewform

Idea #2: Let parents know you need their support

Send a round of WA messages to your existing parents to let them know that you have X number of slots left. Simply asking for referrals is weaker than letting them know the scarcity of your service. (Note: this is not playing to their fear-of-missing-out but is stating a fact and being very clear in what you’re asking for).

This is a possible template for your use:

“Dear XX, thank you for trusting your child’s education to me. I believe I have given value to you in the past months.

I’d like to ask a simple favor from you. I still have Y number of vacancies in my tuition classes in ZZZ level and subject. I’d like to help more students, like how I’ve helped your child, so if you know anyone who can benefit from my service, please let me know.

I’ll be glad to have a chat over the phone with them to see if I can really help.

Whatever the outcome, you have my gratitude.”

Idea #3: Help one another out

Invite a few other tutors teaching different levels or subjects for a meal. Bring up the topic of helping one another to look out for potential students from their existing students.

Depending on the level of trust and creativity between you, what you do to look out for each other can range from sharing contacts to creating an online webinar together using FB Live.

To avoid the awkward situation of “I knew it… You have an ulterior motive in asking me out.”, you can share this article to whoever you want to invite, just to set the context right. This is win-win situation, not curry favor.

So that is the three actionable ideas to help in your mid-year enrolments. May you do well in 2022!

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