Why Do Tutors Need To Network?

We all know that sales people and businessmen need to network a lot. But why do tutors need to network? Tutors just need to teach well, get students to refer more students, and that’s the whole story, isn’t it?

I used to think and did exactly that – teach, ask for a referral, and teach some more – until I was 2-3 years into the tutoring business. That’s when I realized the need to network. These are some crucial reasons why tutors need to network, the way I see it.

  1. To get encouragement, inspiration, and companionship. 
  2. To keep ourselves updated with what’s going on in the industry and in the world
  3. To learn best practices in teaching
  4. To learn best practices in running the business from other tutors
  5. To open ourselves to more opportunities
  6. To have access to more resources

Do you agree with all the points?
How have you benefited from your network?

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