How Do I Ask Someone To Join My Network?

I hope that the SSSML strategy helped you to think through what kind of tutors you want in your core team. As you ideate, you might already have a few names in your mind. Time to take action.

How do you suggest to these people to form a core team together?

One of the easiest ways is to share my post on “WHY DO TUTORS NEED TO NETWORK?” and ask for their thoughts. If they come back with affirmative thoughts like “I totally agree with this!” or “Sounds good, but where do we find such a network?” then you can explore further.

These are a few alignment questions to ask each other when you explore. The acronym is McPAR, you can think of it as the next burger from McDonalds:

  1. What do you seek to gain from this network? [Motivations]
  1. When resources can you bring to the table? [Contributions]
  1. How do I pass a referral to you, and vice-versa? [Process]
  1. When you refer a student to me, when and how do I keep you informed of our progress? [Accountability]
  1. When you refer a student to me, how do you benefit? [Rewards]

Each of these questions have implications in the quality of your networking relationship. It’s easy to form an informal networking relationship, but without clarifying about each other’s Motivation, Contribution, Process, Rewards, and Accountability, you will face nagging doubts and uncertainty in your networking relationships. Sooner or later, these considerations will have to be addressed.

Do each of these pointers make sense to you?

What would be your main considerations, if another tutor asks you to be part of his or her network?

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