How Did My Network Boost My Career?

I have heard many true stories of how personal and professional networks accelerated one’s career progression. I’ll just share my own experiences here, of how many “Lobangs” I got through my network, and briefly how did they happen:

  • Got jobs at NIE, at a recruitment company, and at a local polytechnic.
  • With no prior experience, I was parachuted into a small tuition centre to be their centre manager.
  • Sponsored to attend overseas training worth SGD 3000
  • Exposed to online tutoring technology since 2016. Worked closely with the founder of, and became one of the pioneer online tutor in Singapore.
  • Interviewed on CNA and TV8 about my views on online tutoring
  • Wrote three best-selling assessment books with Popular and Marshall Cavendish
  • Co-founded two communities (one online and one offline) for tutors
  • Interviewed 30 experts on a FB Live series for tutors
  • Got training gigs with corporates and schools
  • Filled up all tuition slots without running ads
  • Free coaching from my contacts

I’m sharing, not to boast, but to show you real cases of how networking can benefit us.

Networking is not a fluffy, nice to have concept, but an important life and business skill we need to have in the 21st century.

What opportunities have networking brought to you? Would be happy to hear your story.

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