What Swimming Taught Me About Listening

Disclaimer: this post can be an utter waste of your time. It’s just some potentially deep but totally random musing from me.

The thing is, I went swimming today.

As I swam, I thought, “Hey, here I am, trying to get ahead in water, while I am totally submerged in it. Why am I paying attention only to my strokes (and to other swimmers). Why don’t I listen to the water around me? Maybe that will help me move in water better?”

So I listened and paid attention. I started noticing the flow of water around my body. I adjusted myself accordingly. Perhaps due to that, I swam more easily and felt better than usual.

Then I thought, perhaps this principle of listening applies to business and other aspects of life too. Business is about the flow of values like money, services and products. Why don’t I listen to the flow of these guys?

What are they trying to tell me?

It’s important, I guess, since I am trying to move in them everyday. Instead of trying to chase after money and trying to create the next better product, why don’t I listen? And respond?

What are they trying to tell me?

Same thing goes for my family, my students, the parents of my students. They must be trying to tell me something. I just have to listen.

By listening peacefully, intently, perhaps I can learn to move with them, not trying to move them.

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