What Do You See In Me, So That You Choose Me Over The Others?

Watch this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuyZJUEyX4w) for a great example of how Blackberry could have stuck to its cause and defended its market share.

Blackberry made great reliable and secure business phone. They dominated their markets. But when iPhone came out, with their touch screen and their apps, Blackberry were distracted (or threatened), and tried to copy iPhone.

They added apps and touch screens to Blackberry. That made it less reliable and less secure. Yet not nearly as fun as the iPhone. Blackberry lost their original users, and didn’t win new users. Now they are pretty much forgotten.

Back to you.

Whom do you serve best? Why did your top customer like you over others?

Nevermind that you cannot do something others can do.
Maybe you are strong in having a rigorous program.
Maybe people are attracted to you because you are patient and approachable.
Or maybe you’re super creative and entertaining with your lessons.

What is it that you do, better than most others? If you’re like me, we think more highly of others than ourselves.

Why not ask your clients, why did they choose you over others?
Send them this,
“Dear Client,Good day!
Thank you for your trust all this while.
To serve all my clients better, I’m doing a branding exercise to understand my key strengths as a tutor.
Can you share with me, what do you see in me, so that you choose me over other tutors?
Thank you in advance!”

If you’ve done this exercise, please share your findings in the comments.

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