What Is Better Than Getting An ‘A’

In what I do, I provide a different kind of value. More value than getting an ‘A’, if I may boast a little.

What?! What can be better than getting an A, in this highly competitive society that we are in?

Isn’t getting an A the Holy Grail? How can a tutor say something as heretic as this?

You see, getting an A is a byproduct of a few things:

1) Self-worth: Being assured that one is not his / her grades, that everyone has a purpose in this world, and everyone blossoms in their own time, in their own ways. Being assured that scoring an F is not the end of the world.

2) Self-confidence: Believing in the reasoning power and the unique strengths of oneself. Believing that most knowledge, academic or not, can be acquired when one puts his heart and mind into it.

3) Self-awareness: Understanding how one learns best. Knowing what pace, what mode, what techniques to make learning enjoyable for oneself.

4) Discipline and perseverance: Putting in effort week after week. Showing up even when one doesn’t feel like it, because there is an accountability to each other.

5) Curiosity: Being aware that there is so much wonder in the world, and everything is connected. Being exposed to the challenges that the world is facing, and believing in one’s ability to help change the world.

These are the value that, I believe, I bring to the table. I stand firmly behind the claim that these are more precious than getting an ‘A’ in the major exams.

Get these, and your child will be happy, confident, and always has the curiosity to learn. Results will follow.


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