Lessons from a year of accountability

Since 17-Dec-2019, I have been doing daily accountability reporting, 5 days a week.

The language of reporting changed from Chinese to English.

The format of reporting evolved too. Now I am more focused on what I have built, rather than what tasks I have accomplished, thanks to Jeffrey Teo’s suggestion.

The people I am accountable to also changed, from my team members in 犹太奇迹 to fellow TA members.

My learning points after one year of accountability reporting are:

1) It forces me to take a good look at every day. There are good days and bad days, it doesn’t matter, but having to account for how I have spent each day reminds me of the value of the next 24 hours.

2) Planning for tomorrow. I have used the reports as a kind of mini plan for the next day.

3) It shows me how over ambitious I have been, and how few things I can actually accomplish in each day.

4) It shows how repetitive my daily activities are. If I don’t meet new people, don’t try new things, then my every week looks almost identical.

5) On days when I feel lousy and under-accomplished, it reminds me of how much I have done. Just scroll back and I was able to see all the things I have accomplished.

6) After we have added sections of Self-Care and Family, it forces me to not just focus on work.

7) We took the advice of Jeffrey Teo and just recently started to report on what we are building every day, instead of the repetitive work. For example, teaching classes is repetitive work, but making teaching videos is building content. It is a good reminder to use our time as entrepreneurs, not self-employed.

8) It’s great to have comrades to fight alongside, day after day. It’s great to feel that we are not alone.

I highly recommend that you start your accountability reporting. 1% improvement a day, and after a year you will have 37 times of improvement.

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