After 15 years, I finally realize this about selling insurance and teaching

I worked 6 years as an insurance adviser. Some time in 2010, I made the switch to be a teacher.

I’ve often wondered what I have learnt from my insurance career, that can be applied to teaching.

Today, I suddenly I see the link between selling insurance and teaching.

(1) Insurance advisers don’t make insurance policies.
Teachers are not the ones who create knowledge.
Insurance advisers and teachers are both spokesperson, advocates, salesperson, educators.
The skill of persuasion is the same.

(2) Both insurance and knowledge are good. (Well, I must disclaim, the appropriate kind of insurance and knowledge.)
But many do not know they are good for them, until someone come along to make the idea of pursuing more insurance coverage, or gaining more knowledge, desirable.

(3) Good insurance advisers and good teachers see each of their client as unique individuals, and work hard to understand them better.
The better we can do that, the better we can sell or teach.

(4) You can’t measure the value of good insurance advisers and good teachers by the externals, or by the tools they use.

All insurance advisers use the same quotation systems, same pen, same paper, same PPT slides.
Yet some sells million dollar policies, and some struggle with closing $100 policies.

All teachers teaches the same formulas and facts, uses the same Ten Years Series.
Yet some get students on waiting lists, get raving testimonials, while some struggle to keep students awake.

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