From Opera to Motion Pictures

In 1890, Thomas Edison invented motion-picture camera.

By 1920s, “film production was flourishing in America, Europe, and Australia, and technological advancements coupled with bigger budgets allowed filmmakers to release increasingly ambitious films”, according to

Between 1890 and 1920, one might be able to get by with simple (but expensive, due to the scarcity and rarity) equipments and wow audiences with simple movie clips, amateur actors and subpar audio quality.

But after 1920s the game has changed. Big boys came into the picture, and one has to raise the level of his game to keep up. That means learning and evolving, investing into better equipment, hiring / training better crew and paying for better actors.

If the year 2020 is the year that online teaching, learning and tutoring made it into the big stage, then I think we are just at the beginning of evolution. We are like the movie makers in the 1890s. There is a lot more to be done. We cannot think that “this is it”.

Teaching videos can be made with professional lighting, sound and scripting.

Storytelling and gamification must be woven into lessons. These are proven tools for audience engagement.

Distribution channels need to be rethink. Is FB Live, Instagram and Youtube the only ways to place our videos?

Tutors need to be repackaged. Think about how actors are packaged into movie stars.

The show has just begun. We can a little afraid, yet we should be very excited.

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