Knowing all the right buttons to press, does not make a good online teacher

Photo by Julia M Cameron on

Once upon a time, teachers taught in town halls, market places, and beside village wells.

Then some people had a brilliant idea. They set aside a building with rooms, for children and teachers to use. Gradually they brought in blackboards / whiteboards, desks, chairs, overhead projectors, and all the facilities we now associate with classrooms and schools.

But not everyone who knows how to use these facilities, teaches well. There are some I encountered in my life, who spent most of their lives in schools, yet doesn’t do their jobs well.

Knowing to use school facilities doesn’t make one a good teacher. So much more training is required pedagogy and other skills, is necessary to make an effective teacher.

The same goes with online teaching.

The fact that I know how to press all the right buttons in Zoom, to get a virtual lesson going, doesn’t make me a good online teacher.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

The proof of how good an online teacher is, is in the students’ learning experience.

Nail that, and no one would mind whether you use Zoom, or ClassDo, or whatever combinations of software and equipment to make it work.

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