The benefits of online tutoring

This is an article on the benefits of online tutoring. My key takeaway:

  • Online tutoring eliminates distance (no need to travel to learn) and time constraint (no need to restrict to once per week lesson)
  • Traditional way of sourcing for good tutors is inefficient. A better way is required. One of it is online listing and parents’ review, AirBnB style.
  • To tutor online needs greater communication and IT skills. Just because you are great with face-to-face style of tutoring doesn’t mean that you can be great at online tutoring.
  • Online tutoring cannot yet replace brick-and-mortar tuition centre. It’s great as an add-on service at this point of time.
  • Parents’ acceptance of online tutoring is a key challenge for it to become popular.

I believe that just like there is turning back for online shopping and home delivered food, online tutoring will inevitably be the future. It’s just a matter of time.

I believe in it so much, that I have transformed my entire tutoring business to be 100% online. I lost many students because of my insistence, but I believe that this is the right direction I should go. I want to position myself as an expert in online tutoring when the masses finally embrace online tutoring.

I run a free online workshop every week to share my online tutoring experience and tips with fellow tutors. If you are interested to join in the discussion, register here.

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