Maybe your child needs Maths facilitation, not more teaching

A simple dialogue between Learner and Teacher

By instructional Maths approach

Learner: ‘Cher, I don’t know how to do this question.’

Teacher: ‘Ok. This is how you do it, first, do this, then do that… see, it’s that simple! Now go and do your correction. In green pen.’

Learner: ‘Yes sir.’

By facilitating Maths approach

Learner: ‘Cher, I don’t know how to do this question.’

Teacher: ‘Ok. Can you tell me what the question is talking about?’

Learner: ‘I’m not very sure, this is what I know… is that right?’

Teacher: ‘Quite close, did you use this number?… and what about this sentence, you didn’t mentioned about this… Now you wanna try again to tell me what this question is about?’

This is a flowchart of how I usually coach my students

1st try: Learner try first based on what he knows from school

-> Learner got stuck

-> 2nd try: I prompt him with clues and hints to help him clear any doubts or confusion, but not telling the answer

-> Learner got really stuck

-> 3rd try: I will demonstrate or run through an example together

-> Learner try again

-> Once learner managed to solve a question, we’ll reaffirm with 3 similar questions

-> Homework will involve 3 more similar question, ideally I’d choose easier questions so that it can be easily completed on his own even without my guidance.

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